Testimonials - Kids say

“What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

"What I liked about Curious Kids Can was the driving out there. There was a peacefulness about it. It was a different way of looking at things. Curious Kids Can taught me how you can express your feelings and understand other people's attitudes. It helped me with my thoughts, what I think, my family and realising everything has a positive side. My No. #1 favourite part of Curious Kids Can was coming out every Saturday seeing Elissa and the fun we had. Thank you Elissa for helping me with the importance in life, you have a loving heart that I will remember 4 ever!"

"I've really enjoyed my time at Curious Kids. It has improved me alot. Before I started Curious Kids I always came home with some trouble but now I can just come home with positive things to say. Curious Kids is not just to help you learn stuff that you don't know it is also to have fun and enjoy life!"

When I first went to Curious Kids Can I didn't know what to think and I didn't want to do it, but after 2 weeks it was heaps fun! My favourite part was the Think Tank challenges because they made my mind work. I also learnt strategies for creating a rewarding and successful school life. These were good because they give you a different way to look at things and some new things to try. They also helped me get better marks and helped me put more effort in at school. Curious Kids Can ... just do it!


Year 9

Elissa’s Personal Awareness Program has helped me understand my emotions and all thoughout it, it was fun. I’ve learnt to be more assertive and listen to my intuition. The best thing about the program is that I’ve started writing a diary that I write in every night and I can express my feelings. I highly recommend this program to everyone. Thanks Elissa for helping me.


Year 8

The best thing about going to Elissa is getting the shields of honour because it means that I have achieved something that is very special and something I thought I couldn’t do. I also like going on the rainforest walks because it is a very special experience and it allows me time to talk about things with Elissa.

Curious Kids Can is fun, exciting and special. it is the funniest way to learn. The best part is the rainforest walk because you can find all the different creatures and i get to laugh a lot with Elissa. Elissa has helped encourage me to learn more and think better. I love the Think Tank challenges!

Curious Kids Can is good and fantastic. I love it because you do lots of learning. My favourite activity is doing the Think Tank and walking in the rainforest with Elissa. It is fun to do the challenges in the Think Tank. I also like reading Geronimo Stilton, drawing and getting shields of honour for doing good work.

At Curious Kids Can I learnt how to be assertive and how to look on the bright side and not the dark side. I got to get things off my chest and let things go “bye bye”. I like that is has changed me as a person and I’m much happier. My favourite part of Curious Kids Can was learning, throwing rocks in the creek on the rainforest walk and Elissa.


Year 6

Curious Kids Can has helped me to conquer the bad things at school or home. It has helped me to become a better person. At Curious Kids Can I liked that I could speak about things without getting judged. I liked how I could always talk to someone about my problems and that Elissa would listen and help in every situation.

At Curious Kids Can I learnt how to control myself when bad things came, how to deal with kids that have been rude and how to become a confident, assertive person not passive or aggressive. My favourite part was when we went on rainforest walks. This way I could talk about my feelings and let them out instead of getting bottled up inside. I also liked receiving shields of honour as they felt like I had accomplished something great.


Year 8

Curious Kids Can is found on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in the township of Maleny

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