Curious Kids Can
Eudlo – 2007 to 2020

Curious Kids Can is a unique one to one personal mentoring service which:

  • Enriches students core learning needs.
  • Builds students’ self-esteem and self confidence.
  • Equips students’ with the inner strength needed to meet the challenges of school life.
  • Improves children’s self awareness, self-understanding and self-respect.
  • Assists children destress their body and clear their mind during a nature walk.
  • Nurtures students’ in their development of lifelong skills such as self-discipline, tolerance, compassion, organization, time management, effective communication, empathy, resilience, perseverance.
  • Guides and supports parents in using the strategies taught at Curious Kids Can at home and at school.
  • Believes learning how to reach for the stars is…unforgettable!

Curious Kids Can new home
Maleny – 2021 to current

Curious Kids Can
Eudlo – 2007 to 2020

Curious Kids Can new home
Maleny – 2021 to current

Does your child ever say?

  • I’m dumb!
  • It’s too hard!
  • I’m bored!
  • Everyone is mean to me!
  • No-one will be my friend.

Curious Kids Don’t!


Are you constantly in a battle of wills with your child?

Is your child intimidated by new tasks?

Does bullying affect the quality of your child’s education?

Is your child overly dependant, anxious, secretive, a perfectionist, a worrier or a loner?

At Curious Kids Can, kids are...

Inspired to experience personal success in a unique learning environment.
Empowered to overcome their fears which inhibit their learning.
Motivated to believe in themselves and in their own potential.
Encouraged to always reach for the stars.

Our Programs

A Personal Awareness Program


  • Incorporates 1 x 1 hour initial consultation.
  • Incorporates 8 x 1 hour consultations over a period of 8 weeks.
  • Topics covered include how to understand and manage emotions, how to develop good communication skills, how to think positively and how to deal with peer pressure and stress.

A Personal Awareness Program


  • Personal development series of books for parents to use in helping their child overcome the challenges of school life.
  • Written for school aged students to assist them in developing their emotional intelligence so they can become confident and competent lifelong learners.

Mission Statement

At Curious Kids Can a Personal Mentor endeavours to nurture and strengthen individual students’ emotional intelligence so they can become confident and competent life long learners.


"What I liked about Curious Kids Can was the driving out there. There was a peacefulness about it. It was a different way of looking at things. Curious Kids Can taught me how you can express your feelings and understand other people's attitudes. It helped me with my thoughts, what I think, my family and realising everything has a positive side. My No. #1 favourite part of Curious Kids Can was coming out every Saturday seeing Elissa and the fun we had. Thank you Elissa for helping me with the importance in life, you have a loving heart that I will remember 4 ever!"

"I've really enjoyed my time at Curious Kids. It has improved me alot. Before I started Curious Kids I always came home with some trouble but now I can just come home with positive things to say. Curious Kids is not just to help you learn stuff that you don't know it is also to have fun and enjoy life!"

My son’s personal program has helped him become more enthusiastic about his self learning and he is making great effort towards realizing his goals and dreams. The way Elissa designs her program to improve essential life skills and increase one’s self confidence is admirable. My wife and I are very impressed with what Elissa has achieved with my son in such a short period of time. He is very happy and looks forward to seeing her each week. Curious Kids Can is situated close to nature which is perfect for discovering the potential within each individual student.

Dr Amir and Nazneen Akram


Curious Kids Can is found on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in the township of Maleny

A Proudly Australian Owned & Family Run Business